Bing has achieved a small but very important success after 14 years

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Bing has achieved a small but very important success after 14 years

Bing has achieved a small but very important success after 14 years

Bing has proven that it is on the right track, accomplishing something it has never accomplished since its release in 2009.

According to Microsoft's statement, the company's search engine Bing has finally managed to surpass 100 million daily active users. This success comes almost a month after Microsoft introduced to the public the AI-powered Bing Search integrated with the Edge browser.

Bing was first introduced in June 2009 and has lived a mostly unnoticed life until recently. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi acknowledges that despite this recent success, the search engine is still a "small, low, single-digit share player" in the market. Still, the involvement of millions of users trying the new Bing preview gave the service much-needed boost.

Bing's chat feature is powered by a newer version of OpenAI's large language model and can provide detailed answers to long and complex user questions. In addition, the chatbot's ability to imitate even popular celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is another remarkable feature.

Microsoft uses the Prometheus model to improve Bing's search quality and basic web search rankings. Chromium-based Edge, the default browser for Windows 10/11, has also seen significant growth over the past seven quarters, contributing to testing and adoption of Microsoft's search engine.

With less than 3% market share, StatCounter reported, it may be a long time before Bing takes a large share of Google's share, which is now over 90%. While the ChatGPT efforts have shaken Google's business, Microsoft is also having some problems with its AI chatbot.

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