Do you know why your baby loves you?

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Do you know why your baby loves you?

Do you know why your baby loves you?

A new baby brings with it a love and responsibility for the parents that they never knew before. What is interesting is the fact that babies have a serious interest and love towards their parents from the moment they are born.

Yes, you love him very much; but all you do is like trying to please the new person who always has a need. As long as you don't cry; It can take your milk, your body, your arms, your whole world. What about the payoff? Deep down, we know very well that our baby loves us too. He may not be smiling or expressing his love yet, but if all the milk sources of the world were laid before him, he would still turn to you, and he has reasons to do so:

Your voice and smell are great for him

Babies can recognize their mother immediately. When the baby is born, his vision is not very good, but as soon as his mother begins to speak in a calm tone, she turns towards him and opens her eyes. Because she listens to her mother's voice from the womb throughout her pregnancy. A newborn baby does not turn his head towards strangers because of unfamiliar sounds and smells.

you feed him

Whether breast or bottle; The milk you give your baby provides much more than nutrition. When your baby starts crying hungrily, he doesn't actually know what the problem is. And you magically fix everything. Every feeding time you tell him you will take care of him. And as she learns her lesson, things get easier for both of you. If parents react in a way that they can understand that their baby's needs will be met, babies also start to cry less from about 3 months old.

It loves your face

Newborns don't do much other than eat. At mealtimes, their eyes are looking for some fun, and the main entertainment is mom or dad. The first of the objects a baby will focus on are faces. Babies' field of vision is between about 25-30 cm; that is, the ideal distance from the breast or bottle to allow him to watch upwards. Just as you are overwhelmed by his smile while breastfeeding your baby, your baby feels the same when he sees the face in front of him.

You're the one comforting her when she cries

Babies don't get spoiled. No matter what the older generation may say, it's okay to run to your baby every time he cries. The more you relax him, the better. In order to be pampered, it is necessary to have the cognitive memory and intellectual skills that will enable us to think… Babies have not reached that point yet and their demands consist only of vital needs.

You have all the right moves

Your baby has moved with you for the past nine months; It's a pleasure for him to be able to sustain it with a swing, a kangaroo, or even just your arms. Even the simplest relaxation gestures are incredibly familiar; Babies who are patted on the back remember their mothers caressing their bellies during pregnancy. He is undeniably familiar with the rhythm of your gait and movements, as well as your tone of voice.

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