Get ready to see dead birds flying in the sky very soon

by Flyerim
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Get ready to see dead birds flying in the sky very soon

Scientists may have found a way to turn dead birds into zombie drones.

Soon we may see dead birds flying in the sky. Scientists have managed to take dead birds and turn them into drones, according to a new study.

According to a new article published in the journal New Scientist, a project based on deploying drones to dead birds could help improve the way we monitor wildlife in the future.

Of course these dead bird drones won't just be used for wildlife monitoring. Instead, it seems likely to be used in military fields, especially if engineers can make wing flapping drones.

The general idea here seems to be focused on giving people better surveillance of wildlife. It's possible to do this with nature-adapting dead bird drones, but the implications of how it could be used for military purposes are certainly worrying for some.

The drones, which can also be seen in the video above, actually look very realistic. This is because the researchers combined the bodies of embalmed pheasants and pigeons to do this job. Of course, further development is needed to practice a more advanced range of motion, including the ability to land.

These dead bird drones aren't the first time we've seen researchers somehow bring dead animals back to life. Previously, researchers turned dead spiders into tiny robots in a strange and frightening experiment.

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