How to Not a Password at All in Atomic Heart

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How to Not a Password at All in Atomic Heart

How to Not a Password at All in Atomic Heart

You are about to enter a world where robots and humans coexist in harmony, thanks to the latest robot control system set to launch soon.

However, dark secrets and clandestine experiments have led to the emergence of mutated creatures, terrifying machines, and super-powered robots that have turned against their creators.

It’s now up to you to confront these threats and unravel the truth behind this seemingly perfect world.

With your experimental power glove, blades, and advanced weapons, engage in explosive combat to save yourself.

You can customize your fighting style to match each enemy, utilize your skills and resources, and upgrade your equipment to overcome challenges and fight for justice.

This guide will show you how to complete the "Not a Password at All" mission in Atomic Heart.

How to do Not a Password at All in Atomic Heart

To do not a password at all in Atomic heart, you need to find the electrician and speak to him.

After you’ve spoken to the electrician, memorize the pattern on the piece of paper and enter it to unlock the door.

To reach the destination, descend to the lower floor and proceed along the corridor.

Look for the room adjacent to the red chairs and enter it.

Finally, align the red and blue lights to unlock the door.

Part 2: Enter the password

Inside the room, take the loot from the chest.

Interact with the engineer's corpse to trigger a cutscene.

Take note of the pattern on the piece of paper shown in the cutscene and memorize it.

Return to the lock and press the corresponding buttons to form the pattern.

Refer to the second screenshot above for the pattern's visual representation.

After you’ve pressed the correct buttons, the door will be unlocked.

Your next objective is to enter the facility.

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