Natural remedies for anxiety

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Natural remedies for anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety and anxiety attacks are increasing with the rush of modern life. It is possible to combat anxiety using some natural methods.

Natural treatment suggestions for anxiety disorder

Anxiety, which is an emotion that everyone can experience from time to time, becomes negatively affecting daily life when it is experienced frequently, and in this case, anxiety disorder (anxiety) emerges.

Anxiety, which appears with symptoms such as restlessness, sudden anxiety attacks, sleep disorders, and intolerance, is one of the most talked about psychological disorders in recent years.

Anxiety disorders, which can cause physical effects such as headaches, muscle tension and stiffness, and digestive disorders, can also accompany diseases such as panic attacks and depression if left untreated.

The stress of daily life and the hustle and bustle of city life are the biggest reasons why anxiety is becoming a more common disease day by day.

Personal treatment with a therapist is the most accurate method, but natural methods that can be applied in addition to the treatment can help reduce anxiety symptoms in a short time when applied regularly.

Here are the natural treatment methods that can be preferred for anxiety disorder:


One of the best ways to relax and relieve tensions in the body is to have a massage. Massage therapy help can be taken regularly to combat anxiety disorder. Massage, applied regularly by a specialist, reduces the tension in the body, eliminates stress signals and also benefits by increasing blood circulation.

Yoga and meditation

Regularly practiced yoga and meditation practices are very effective in dealing with many psychological and physical ailments, including anxiety disorder. In addition to regulating breathing, yoga and meditation also increase the ability of instant awareness, teaching to facilitate calming in anxious moments. The best way to send the message “I'm fine” to the nervous system is to relax the body by taking correct and deep breaths, and you can learn to do this best with yoga/meditation practice.

Sleep teas

Good sleep is one of the most important factors for our overall psychological health. Anxiety disorder often always leads to sleep problems as well. Thoughts and physical tension in the mind make it difficult to fall asleep at night, and therefore, not getting enough and healthy sleep can cause anxiety symptoms to appear more intensely. A cup of herbal tea with relaxing properties such as lemon balm, sage, chamomile, valerian, which you will drink before going to bed, will help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety by facilitating your transition to sleep. However, as with all herbal products, you will need to consult your doctor when using herbal teas to aid sleep. You may not need to use certain herbs, especially if you are using psychiatric drugs.


Aromatherapy, which is applied using plant-based scents, is one of the natural healing methods that can also be used for anxiety disorders. You can benefit from the power of aromatherapy by regularly smelling a suitable aromatherapy oil and scenting your room or work area with these oils. The most commonly used product for stress situations is lavender oil. If you want to supplement your anxiety disorder treatment using aromatherapy, it may be a good idea to have a good quality lavender oil on hand.

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