The youngest haircut! Fights aging by instantly stretching the face

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The youngest haircut! Fights aging by instantly stretching the face

Haircuts can make our age look much younger. Cuts suitable for face shape and age give a youthful and dynamic appearance. Experts share the right haircut styles that mature women should choose.

En genç gösteren saç kesimi! Yüzü anında gererek yaşlılığa savaş açıyor

In order to delay aging, hair care is as important as the care applied to the skin. It is much easier to achieve a youthful look with the right haircuts. Glam Girl Gabi told mature women that they should use their hair the way that works for them because there is no set standard for how women should "decorate" themselves. However, there are simple hairstyles that mature women can request from the hairdresser.

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Glam Girl Gabi's first suggestion is to make your hair a blunt bob or blunt lob (long bob). It is categorized by a strong, non-layered baseline that hits the shoulders or up. But why does this blunt cut look good on the 50s when some experts recommend layers for older women?


According to Gabi, this non-layered hair "looks dense" and makes it look that way even if your hair isn't thick. This is very important because many older women may find that as they age, their hair becomes thinner and looks less full.

Thinning hair and less residue on the scalp can create a thin, even brittle appearance. The hairdresser revealed that this aging effect on hair can make women feel "extraordinarily insecure." Creating this bluntness gives the illusion of thick, voluminous and healthy locks.


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He continued that thick hair is a "sign of youth," so it "causes people to instinctively assume you're younger." Gabi said, "I don't know if you've ever had an experience where you see someone from the back with super-lush hair and instantly think you have 20 in your brain. When you turn around, you realize that that person is much more mature than you thought." said.

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If your hair is starting to become thinner, thinner or brittle, opt for a blunt bob on your next hair salon trip, he concluded.

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