This Mixture Prevents Dust from Adhering To The Furniture

by Flyerim
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This Mixture Prevents Dust from Adhering To The Furniture

You won't need to dust for a long time! This mixture prevents dust from adhering to the furniture.

Dust accumulated on furniture can endanger our health.

People with respiratory problems are particularly affected by these dusts.

However, constantly dusting can be tiring. There are natural and effective mixtures to keep dust away from furniture for a long time.

Here is the mixture that will keep you dust free for days...

There are many factors that increase dust in the house.

Although no one wants to rest in a dusty house after a busy day, even the thought of dusting can be quite tiring.

For this reason, methods of not dusting for a long time are sought.

If we follow the appropriate steps and use cleaning tricks during cleaning, we can have sparkling items without dust for a long time.



Olive oil

white vinegar

dishwashing liquid

lemon essence


Empty spray bottle


Half a teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of vinegar, half a glass of water, 2 drops of dish soap, 10 drops of lemon essential oil (for fragrance). Mix it all and pour it into a spray bottle. Squeeze the mixture into a microfiber cloth and dust it with it. After dusting at home with this mixture, you will see that the items in the house do not hold dust for a long time.

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