What is a cold eye?

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What is a cold eye?

What is a cold eye?

It may sound strange when you first hear it, but yes, details about the disease known as cold eye or conjunctivitis....

The white part that forms around the eye is called the "conjunctiva".

Inflammation of the conjunctiva due to various reasons causes conjunctivitis, in other words "cold eye, conjunctivitis".

This disease, known as cold eyes, is caused by bacteria, viruses, viral or allergic causes caused by environmental factors.

Occurs more in people who wear contact lenses

Such diseases are more common in people who wear contact lenses.

Expired lenses in particular endanger eye health. In addition, misused eye creams, drugs and make-up materials also play a role in the formation of conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis can also occur through inhalation. It is necessary to consult a doctor for the treatment of viral conjunctivitis, which is transmitted by close contact with people with upper respiratory infections.

Those who are pollen allergic beware

One of the most common types of conjunctivitis is allergic conjunctivitis.

This flu, which is experienced by people who are allergic to pollen during seasonal changes and in the spring, can also be seen in people who use eye drops.

Conjunctivitis can be seen in people of all ages from 7 to 70. It is possible to encounter cases of conjunctivitis from the elderly to children.

While conjunctivitis is an eye condition that affects both eyes, it can sometimes be seen in one eye. Conjunctivitis can also occur in babies due to reasons such as irritation and clogged tear ducts.

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