What is Olibanum Oil?

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What is Olibanum Oil?

Olibanum, frankincense and frankincense…

All these different names actually belong to a single resin species. The oil obtained by distillation of this resin taken from the trunk of Boswellia trees was used for mummification in Ancient Egypt.

Known as sweetgum tree in our country, this ancient tree grows in Fethiye, Muğla and Marmaris regions, while it grows in Ethiopia, India and Yemen in the world.

Known as the king of all essential oils, olibanum is known for its healing effects as well as beauty. This oil, which has a very sharp and intense aroma, was also on Cleopatra's list. So what are the benefits of Olibanum oil?

It has a strong antibacterial effect.

It helps to beautify and revitalize the skin.

It plays a role in reducing redness and swelling in the skin and body.

It can be used as a perfume with its intense and fruity aroma.

It can be preferred especially during meditation with its relaxing effect.

It is used to strengthen concentration and memory.

It supports the immune system.

When you drop a small drop on your pillow, it can support your transition to sleep.

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