What is Soyjak Party?

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What is Soyjak Party?

Soyjak Party has gained immense popularity as a website. It is alternatively known as Soyjak.Party, The Party, The Arty, or Soy Spinoff.

The founder of Soyjak Party is an alt-right conspiracy theorist named Soot. The website functions as an imageboard and focuses on Soyjak and data mining.

The community is composed of English-speaking users who post hundreds of times every hour. Initially, the community was promoted on 4Chan as a joke imageboard, but it went viral.

This guide provides an overview of Soyjak.Party, including its founder, the concept of Soyjak and its various forms, and other related topics.

What is Soyjak Party?

Soyjak Party is a website focused on sharing Soyjak content. The founder of the site is Soot, an alt-right conspiracy theorist who was active on 4Chan.

The site is organized into multiple categories, such as "q," "soy," "qa," "tech," and "int." Soot announced the creation of the imageboard on 4Chan's /qa/ board with the statement "basedjaks must be in every thread."

In July 2022, the website was sold to Yuri "Kuz" Kuznetsov in a public deal that took place on July 16 and 17 of that year.

Soot retained ownership of the Soyjak Wiki, while the OnionsBooru site was transferred to Kuz. Despite its popularity, the website has been taken down multiple times due to illegal content being posted.

On January 13, 2022, the site was permanently shut down, but it returned later with a new hosting provider.

The community on the site is generally cohesive but has had significant disagreements. According to Soot, he created the site as a joke and did not expect it to become as popular as it did.

As of February 2023, the site has over 2.6 million posts and does not require users to create an account to post.

However, there are rules that users must follow, including prohibitions against posting illegal content, spam, viruses, Discord drama, advertising, false reports, and avatars. In addition to creating Soyjak Party, Soot also established the Soyjak Wiki to provide community-driven information about Soyjaks.

The content on the wiki has been fact-checked and peer-reviewed by independent contributors.

What is a Soyjak or Wojack?

A Soyjak is a type of man who is often seen as effeminate or nerdy, and is sometimes referred to as a Soy Boy.

In contrast, a Wojack is a man who appears sad or depressed. The Soyjak Wiki considers Wojacks to be Not a Soyjak (NAS) because they lack the key characteristics associated with Soyjaks.

Originally, Soyjaks were used to mock men who were interested in nerdy hobbies, such as playing video games on the Nintendo Switch.

Today, the term has become a stereotype for men who are obsessed with pop culture and have leftist political views, such as supporting LGBTQ rights, body positivity, and inclusiveness.

Typically, Soyjaks are men between the ages of 20 and 30 who are balding, have short beards, and wear glasses.

They are often overweight, dislike exercising, and lack ambition.

The original Soyjak was inspired by a similar concept known as Soy Boys, which refers to men who look and behave like Soyjaks.

Soyjak variants

The original Soyjak concept has given rise to many different variants.

While the original was created to mock effeminate or leftist men, the Chudjak/Poljak variant specifically targets right-wing users of /pol/.

The classic Soyjak variant was first posted by a user from Sweden in December 2017 on the /int/ board.

However, there are many other main variants in addition to this one. These include Wojack, Cobsun, Mariplier Soyjak, Feraljak, Gapejak, Bernd, A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak, and Impish Soyak Ears.

There are also countless sub-variants, art forms, and images that fall under the broader Soyjak concept, as well as those that are considered Not a Soyjak (NAS).

The Soyjak phenomenon began with an illustration of two balding, bespectacled men taking a selfie with their mouths open. The illustration, known as "The Nu-Male open mouth," was submitted to the /pol/ board on 4Chan.

Since then, many other Soyjak illustrations have been shared on the platform to mock nerdy subcultures and men with gaping mouths.

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