What is Zerg Rush How to Play?

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What is Zerg Rush How to Play?

What is Zerg Rush, How to Play?

We answered the questions of what is Zerg Rush and how to play, which are wondered by many people. Here are the curious details about the game offered by Google!

We have prepared a detailed guide for those who are wondering what is Zerg Rush and how to play. By taking a look at the article we prepared, you can have information about the production played by many people to pass the time during the day.

Most people prefer to play various productions in their spare time while using the computer during the day. Especially in recent years, many people spend their free time playing Zerg Rush. So, what does this production offer, how is it played? In the article we have prepared, we will answer the questions that are curious.

What is Zerg Rush?

The Zerg are an insect-like race featured in the StarCraft game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Zerg Rush is a doodle game developed by the United States-based software giant.

Google offers a variety of doodle games throughout the year. The software giant has presented many productions to internet users so far. Some productions were highly appreciated by a large number of people around the world, while others were not.

The production in question took its place among the games liked by many people. Mouse only is all it takes to play the highly acclaimed game. This makes the gameplay mechanics of the game significantly easier. In this way, any problems in terms of gameplay are prevented.

The game, developed by Google, could be played by typing "Zerg Rush" in the search box in the first period it was presented, but over the years, the step to be taken to play the game has changed. So, how is the production, which has been surprisingly popular for many years, played?

How to Play Zerg Rush

Open the web browser.

Visit the Zerg Rush page.

The search results page will open.

Destroy the letters "O" with the mouse.

The steps you need to follow in order to play the doodle game offered by the software giant are quite simple. In this way, you can access the game very quickly. Moreover, you do not need to do any downloading to play the game.

In order to play the doodle game, which has a huge popularity around the world, you must first open the web browser. After opening the browser, visit the game's page. You can reach the game page by clicking the link above.

If you visit the game's page, the game will start automatically. Therefore, as soon as the page is opened, you can see that the letters "o" are moving from the right, left, top and bottom. When faced with such a situation, you will probably wonder about the purpose of the game.

You don't need to use a keyboard while playing the popular production. You can play the game only with the mouse. The purpose of the construction in question is to destroy those letters with the help of the mouse. Of course, this is not easy because those letters move quickly.

The letters "O" start attacking the search results as soon as the game starts. You need to eliminate the letters before the search results disappear. At the top of the screen, there are two sections, "APM" and "Count".

APM represents the speed of clicking with the mouse, while Count represents the number of letters you have destroyed. Thanks to these two sections, you can take a look at your mouse speed and the number of letters you have destroyed. In this way, you can examine your performance in the game. You can compete with yourself with this statistical information.

After the successful doodle game is over, those letters are collected at the top left of the page. The letters collected in only a certain part of the page where the production in question can be played form the letters "GG".

After the game is over or during the game, you can click the "Clear" button to reset. If you click the Clear button, the game will be reset and the page will be as it was when it was just opened. If the game does not start after performing this operation, right-click on the page with the mouse.

A window will open immediately after right-clicking anywhere on the page. Select the "Reload" option on the pop-up window to reopen the page. Of course, you can also perform this operation with the "F5" key.

In addition to these, you can also use the page refresh button at the top of the browser. This is entirely up to your preference. After restarting the page, the game will start automatically. Therefore, after the renewal process, you can continue to play the game with the mouse.

The presence of Thanos in the profile photo in the upper right corner of the fake search results page where the game is located is also a remarkable detail. Thanos is a character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The fictional character in question has also appeared in some Marvel productions.

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