What professions are expected to be on the rise in 2023?

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What professions are expected to be on the rise in 2023?

In the employment 500 research published by The Economist Magazine on February 5, there were sections such as the most sought positions and what to pay attention to in job applications in the new period. Let's take a closer look...

According to the notes in the research, the search for managers has become professional. Remote working has become a part of business life. While the issue of digital transformation maintains its importance and weight, financial management takes its place at the top of the agenda. In this period when companies are reviewing and re-planning their long-term strategies, there is a high demand for senior staff such as the general manager and assistant general manager who will implement the changing strategies. E-commerce roles will come to the fore. (Source: Employment 500 survey)


A study by PwC shows that energy, infrastructure and natural resources are the leading sectors that will dominate the economy in Turkey for the next 10 years. These sectors are followed by tourism and then software sectors. Technology is in the first place in the results of the same research on the world. Information and communication technologies are in second place and energy, infrastructure and natural resources are in third place. In the upcoming period, it is thought that the talent needs picture will be in line with this picture. In addition to the sectoral view, it is also valid for all sectors in general. The exponential growth of e-commerce in all sectors in recent years has led to a rapid increase in the demand for managers with knowledge and experience in this field.


Saying that e-commerce roles will come to the fore in 2023, Ergene Consulting & HGA Group Turkey President Murat Ergene states that they expect an increase in job recruitment in the logistics, sales, marketing and finance sectors in 2023. Stating that the researches show that the volume of e-commerce shopping made through social media will increase by 25 percent and exceed 1 trillion dollars in 2023, Ergene adds: "Especially in the fields of education, industry, health, gaming, defense industry, culture-tourism, travel and entertainment It is estimated that increasing VNR investments will grow by 50 percent in 2023 and the market volume will reach 7 billion dollars.


Naturally, this development will positively affect recruitment in this field. Of course, the sectors that process, use and transform data into benefits will be among the sectors that will come to the fore in 2023. For example, artificial intelligence will be one of the areas that is expected to overtake software."


1-Three main features sought in new talents: creativity, learning, and having a flexible skill set. When we look at these features, the effect of digitalization can be seen. Employees need to constantly renew themselves, develop their professional group-independent digital competencies, and make talent transformations in line with the needs of the new era.

2- Specialization, technical competence, priority to follow developments and new trends in their field are also among the required features.

3- In addition to the competencies, it is also beneficial that the resumes are correct, understandable and regular, and that the competencies are expressed in the correct verbal and body language in the interviews.

4- While applying for a job, candidates should prefer advertisements where they can reveal their talents, gain new achievements on the career ladder and be productive in their working life.

5-It is also very important for the candidates to research the policies and development opportunities that the companies apply to their employees during the application.

6- Flexibility capabilities, which play a decisive role in adapting to rapid transformation, are becoming more valuable. Regardless of their level, employees need to pay attention to this issue and try to improve themselves in this direction.


1- Sales and marketing

2- Software engineers and experts

3- Digital marketing experts

4- Digital transformation specialist

5- E-commerce and logistics managers

6- HR data manager and HR data engineer

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