Why do We Get Hungry at Night?

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Why do We Get Hungry at Night?

What To Eat When Hungry At Night?

It is now clear that eating at night is not good for our health. So what should you do when you wake up hungry at bedtime, and sometimes even hungry?

What we eat is just as important as what we eat and when. We now know from research that eating at night is almost always harmful to our health. But sometimes hunger is disobedient and suddenly subsides at night. In such cases, is it possible to both suppress hunger and not compromise our health?

Also known as the 'sleep doctor', clinical psychologist and sleep expert Dr. Michael J. Breus says that eating a teaspoon of raw honey before bed can be a solution to night hunger. Studies show that the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of honey benefit our general health, hair, skin and much more. The fact that it is a nutrient that balances the hunger level in particular carries honey a few levels higher in the list of miracle foods. Especially at night, being hungry, or even waking up hungry, is usually caused by high blood sugar and therefore the brain releases cortisol and gives the message "time to eat".

Why do we get hungry at night?

Our brains while we sleep, fast, exercise; In short, when glucose is limited, it turns to liver glycogen, our glucose storage tank, to power itself. Honey, which contains equal amounts of fructose and glucose, helps to regenerate liver glycogen, so the brain does not use all the stores there. In this way, hunger attacks do not occur at times. Studies have found that honey activates hormones that suppress appetite and delay the body's response to ghrelin (hunger hormone). In another study, it was also proven that honey can improve sleep quality. The randomized controlled trial made sure that drinking honey milk before bed improved the sleep quality of the participants, while eating honey 30 minutes before bedtime for children with upper respiratory tract infections also seemed to facilitate sleep during the night.

2 ways to consume honey for better sleep

If you are often hungry at night and want to consume this amazing food as a solution to night hunger and sleep problems, you can try these three simple recipes:

1- Honey milk

Cow's milk or any milk you use - it can be almond, oat or soy milk, measure a cup and put it in the coffee pot, add a teaspoon of honey after it gets hot a little. It is known that honey is not good for overheating, so do not boil milk with honey, just heat it until it melts and mixes well. Optionally, you can add cinnamon to the mixture. Consume while hot.

2- Honey avocado

Cut the ripe avocado in half, take half of it on a plate and mash it well with a fork. Add a teaspoon of honey to it and mix. With the complex carbohydrates it contains, avocado triggers the release of serotonin hormone, which facilitates the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone, in the brain. A delicious snack and two sleep-friendly foods in one!

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