Why Women Deserve Less

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Why Women Deserve Less

The meme and book "Why Women Deserve Less" emerged in 2020. It features a photo of a man reading a book with that title on a subway. The original book was sold on Amazon as a notebook and had no written content, just blank paper.

In 2022, Myron Gaines, a podcast host for F&F, authored a book titled "Why Women Deserve Less." This book delves into the psychology of modern women and provides guidelines for modern men to follow.

This article explores the origins of the Why Women Deserve Less meme and the original Amazon notebook.

Why Women Deserve Less meme

Women Deserve Less

The Women Deserve Less meme features a photo of a man on a subway reading a book with the same title. However, the book is just a fake cover with no actual content.

The meme is based on the idea that women have more leverage in relationships and benefit more from them than men. Ironically, some men enable this dynamic by giving their partners endless attention, resources, and money.

These men are referred to as "Simps" who do everything for women with little benefit in return.

The origin of the meme can be traced back to YouTube videos where people were seen reading fake books on subways. These videos featured actors reading books with fake covers like "Rich Dad Deported Dad." The prank was carried out by several YouTube channels, including "The Chortle," "IsoLateNight," "TheButtingHeads," and others.

The videos had titles such as "Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway," "Fake Books on Subway," and "Reading Funny Book Covers" and have garnered millions of views - 8.2 million, 2.9 million, and 2.3 million, respectively.

Why Women Deserve Less book

The book "Why Women Deserve Less" was originally sold as a notebook on Amazon, with no actual content since it was intended for use as a notebook. However, in 2023, Myron Gaines released a book with the same title on Amazon. Myron is a former Special Agent for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the host of the Fresh & Fit Podcast, the #1 podcast for men.

Myron's book quickly became a #1 Best Seller in Medical Psychology of Sexuality, with over 1,000 ratings and an average of 5 stars. The reviews for the book are overwhelmingly positive, with one reader saying, "The title is marketing while the pages are substance. This book is a great introduction or a comprehensive guide to the dating atmosphere of the modern digital age." Another review praised Myron's explanation of how the old social contract is defunct and how new rules apply to modern men.

The book has been positively reviewed by both men and women. It sheds light on the post-marriage society and helps men avoid wasting their lives by educating them about the modern dating scene. In essence, the book is a guide to help men understand the psychology of modern women and the rules they need to follow to succeed in relationships.

If you're interested in reading a preview of the book, you can check out the Kindle card above.

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