Will ChatGPT Take My job?

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Will ChatGPT Take My job?

Will ChatGPT take my job? 5 professions most threatened by artificial intelligence, according to an expert

As artificial intelligence enters our lives, we see that they are beginning to take over the professions made by humans today. So, which professions are most threatened by artificial intelligence? Which professions are safe? There are some notable comments about it.

ChatGPT's rapid rise is fueling fears that AI could automate large numbers of jobs.

Zak Saidi, director and AI leader at agency IZSRI, which already uses AI to automate some writing tasks, says the impact of AI will be felt across many industries over the next three years.

He said he's already using ChatGPT to draft written content, and other artificial intelligence tools to spot attention marketing and social media trends.

So which industries' workers seem most likely to lose their jobs due to 'productive AI'? And how soon can that happen?

Copywriters and bloggers

Copywriters and bloggers may soon be out of work due to AI tools like ChatGPT. But one expert says the most talented writers will continue to be sought after.

Saidi believes that copywriters, bloggers, and online copywriters could be among the first to fall in the AI ​​revolution: “We work with a lot of copywriters and there are definitely a lot of rumors about the replacement of content writers with AI technology. Especially when small businesses are producing more content, they are turning to ChatGPT. And we expect it to turn to AI counterparts."

However, Saidi adds that the future for highly skilled copywriters is not so bleak: "We believe that nothing can replace human creativity. In its current form, ChatGPT produces very generic content.'

Retail salespeople

Saidi believes AI will cause 'serious job losses' in the retail industry: "As we've seen, AI bots are slowly replacing cashiers, customer service assistants and personal shoppers. It's powered by the exact same machine learning technology that ChatGPT works with."

“In some ways, it could be argued that AI is trying to free employees from less important tasks and give them time to take on more managerial and creative roles. But we have to take into account that there are a lot of managers who can run retail stores,” Saidi says.

Software engineers and cybersecurity experts

In addition to producing persuasive English texts, ChatGPT can also write computer code in languages ​​such as Python.

ChatGPT maker OpenAI is also the name that developed Codex, a different version that Microsoft uses on GitHub Copilot, specifically for writing computer code. Saidi says such a technology could have an immediate and far-reaching impact on developers and even cybersecurity professionals: “Now, it can cause us to start worrying about this even when applications like ChatGPT are still in their rudimentary state. ChatGPT creates lines of html code without having to think about it, and the code strings in the code sequence are just as rudimentary. "It solves complex bugs much faster than a human. This, to some extent, questions its role in supporting software engineers."

OpenAI currently hires hundreds of developers to 'train' the AI ​​to improve its coding capabilities.

Cybercriminals already boast of using tools like ChatGPT to automate everything from writing malware to creating dark web markets, and Saidi says AI tools can impact the work of cybersecurity professionals.

Graphic designers and visual artists

It looks like AI tools could replace graphic designers, with tools like Dall-E creating around 2 million new images every day. Saidi says graphic art tools like Dall-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney can impact the livelihoods of designers, illustrators and visual artists.

Dall-E produces 2 million images per day, as the company announced last year. Midjourney sparked controversy when she won an art competition at the Colorado State Fair. Stock image giant Getty Images has taken legal action, claiming it copied millions of images from Stable Diffusion's maker, Stability AI.

Saidi says the ability to produce images cheaply and quickly would make this type of technology very attractive for small businesses that don't have the budget to pay graphic designers, artists or illustrators.

Which professions are safe?

Andy Wadsworth, director of IT recruiting firm The Bridge, part of the Morson Group, said: "After services like ChatGPT, there will be winners and losers, and some jobs will no doubt be replaced by AI. Companies and individuals who adapt to the world will be winners.”

The most flexible roles will be those that require face-to-face interaction and physical skills that AI cannot replace. For this reason, workers such as plasterers, electricians, repairmen, and professionals such as hairdressers will continue to rely on people's sense of duty and ability to fulfill it.

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