Angela Aguilar Video Trending on Twitter

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Angela Aguilar Video Trending on Twitter

A video allegedly containing intimate footage of Angela Aguilar, a popular Mexican-American singer, leaked on social media platforms, causing her to trend on Twitter and other platforms.

Angela, who gained popularity after performing “La Llorona” at the Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2019, is the granddaughter of famous singers and actors Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, who were prominent figures during the golden age of Mexican cinema.

In response to the alleged leak, Angela took to social media to deny the authenticity of the video and condemn the actions of those who spread it. In a tweet, she wrote, "They have been sharing fake images and photomontages of me. How sad to see the effort to attack and discredit the work of women." She went on to express her disappointment with the situation, and urged others who have suffered cyberbullying to speak up and not be silenced.

Angela's tweet received widespread support from her fans, with many leaving supportive and positive comments on her posts. However, some critics were not as supportive and questioned her decision to involve other women in her situation.

Angela stated that she would be leaving the matter in the hands of her legal team. With over 250k followers on Twitter and 9 million followers on Instagram, Angela has a significant platform and her post was shared on all of her social media platforms, gaining over 210,000 views on Twitter, 3.9k likes, 11k reactions on Facebook and 176k likes on Instagram.

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