What's Up Riri, What's Up Rocky? Decoding the TikTok Trend

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What's Up Riri, What's Up Rocky? Decoding the TikTok Trend

A resounding trend echoing across TikTok features the catchy audio snippet, 'What's up, Riri? What's up, Rocky?'. Users have harnessed this audio to create engaging videos that juxtapose two contrasting images or scenes, bringing a playful yet intriguing dynamic to the platform.

Unraveling the Trend:

The essence of this trend lies in the clever interplay of the audio with divergent visuals. For instance, when the audio utters 'What's up, Riri?', creators seize the opportunity to showcase a cheerful or positive image. Conversely, as 'What's up, Rocky?' plays, the scene takes a turn towards something more somber or emotional, often capturing the creator in moments of vulnerability.

Origins and Meaning:

The origin of 'What's Up Riri, What's Up Rocky?' can be traced back to the monikers of two prominent figures – Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Rihanna affectionately goes by 'Riri,' a nickname she embraces and uses on her Instagram with the username @badgalriri. On the other side, A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, is colloquially known as 'Rocky.'

TikTok Expression:

On TikTok, this audio serves as the backdrop for a creative trend where users leverage the 'What's up, Riri?' and 'What's up, Rocky?' segments to present two sides of a story. Often employed by couples, this trend allows them to showcase their dynamic, with the 'Riri' segment featuring one partner and the 'Rocky' segment featuring the other. The result is a harmonious blend of audio and visuals, contributing to the trend's widespread popularity.

In the upcoming sections, we'll delve deeper into the roots of 'What's Up Riri, What's Up Rocky?', explore the original video that spurred this trend, and uncover more about its impact on the TikTok community.

Unveiling the Origin: What’s Up Riri What’s Up Rocky Original Video

The genesis of the 'What’s Up Riri What’s Up Rocky' trend can be traced back to an enchanting video courtesy of Vogue. In this captivating footage, Vogue orchestrated an interview between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, comprising a series of 15 questions.

The pivotal moment that sparked the trend occurred within a mere 17 seconds of the video. A$AP Rocky, in a playful manner, exclaimed, “Ring, ring, ring, ring. What’s up Riri?”, prompting a delightful laugh from Rihanna, who responded with, “What’s up Rocky?”. This brief yet charming exchange became an instant hit, captivating TikTok users worldwide.

Viral Surge and TikTok Domination:

The infectious charm of A$AP Rocky's impromptu greeting and Rihanna's joyful response quickly permeated TikTok. Tens of thousands of users seized upon this audio snippet, incorporating it into their own videos, thus propelling the trend to viral stardom.

Since its initial upload on August 27, 2020, the original video on Vogue's platform has amassed an impressive 10 million views. The enduring popularity of this brief interaction speaks to the universal appeal of genuine moments and the creative ways in which TikTok users continue to reinterpret and celebrate them.

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