New images may show the doom of China's Zhurong rover on Mars

by Flyerim
854 minutes
New images may show the doom of China's Zhurong rover on Mars

New images from China's Zhurong rover on Mars may show it unexpectedly coming to the end of the road.

Çin'in Mars'taki Zhurong keşif aracı, yolun sonuna mı geldi?

China's Mars rover appears to have been completely exhausted on the red planet's sandy, barren surface. The Zhurong rover, which reached Mars in 2021, went into hibernation in May 2022. However, reports that he has not made contact with Earth since then first surfaced in early January. Now, it looks like the tool may be completely sold out.

The Zhurong rover was part of China's first interplanetary mission known as Tianwen-1. The mission was launched to study the topography of the Martian surface. China's Mars rover completed its primary mission before hibernation, but was scheduled to resume additional missions in December. Unfortunately, the rover remains silent despite being designed to wake up again.

The cause of the vehicle's death is most likely attributable to solar panels covered in sand. Other spacecraft to explore Mars have also encountered this problem in the past, including NASA's InSight lander. Solar-powered spacecraft have the potential to work forever as long as the Sun is there to power them. But China's Mars rover seems to have suffered the same fate as other solar-powered spacecraft on Mars.