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The moon is slowly moving away... So why is this happening?

The Moon is moving away from Earth, albeit slowly. So what does this event called "The Lunar Withdrawal" mean for Earth and humanity? The Moon, with its orbit around the Earth, has been an object that has attracted our attention and interest throughout human history. While many civilizations created their calendars based on this space object, some animals found their way using the Sun's light reflected from the Moon.

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New images may show the doom of China's Zhurong rover on Mars

China's Mars rover appears to have been completely exhausted on the red planet's sandy, barren surface. The Zhurong rover, which reached Mars in 2021, went into hibernation in May 2022. However, reports that he has not made contact with Earth since then first surfaced in early January. Now, it looks like the tool may be completely sold out.

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Noise level caused by NASA's Artemis-I rocket explained

Noise level caused by NASA's Artemis-I rocket explained They measured the noise levels caused by NASA's giant Artemis-I rocket, launched in November 2022, during this launch. When the Artemis-I was launched in November 2022, marking a new era for missions to the Moon and beyond, it was recorded as one of the most powerful rockets in the world, as well as the loudest. Even if you were standing 5 kilometers away from the launch pad, the enormous sounds of the huge rocket could be heard.

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Scientists set their eyes on Uranus, the 7th planet of the Solar System

Scientists want a mission to be organized for Uranus, the seventh planet of the Solar System. So, what is the reason for this interest in Uranus? More than 30 years have passed since humanity last visited Uranus. Our last brief visit to the ice giant was on January 24, 1986, when NASA's Voyager 2 rover passed by the planet on its way to Neptune.

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