Thomas Knyvett School Fight Video

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Thomas Knyvett School Fight Video

Thomas Knyvett School Fight Video

The Thomas Knyvett College fight video has recently gained widespread attention on various social media platforms, including Twitter. This article covers what happened in the video, who posted it, and the public reaction to the incident.

Thomas Knyvett is a mixed school in Ashford, Surrey, England, that educates students between the ages of 11 and 16. It is part of the Howards Schools Trust and is funded by the Surrey County Council.

In February 2023, a fight broke out outside of the school, which was captured on video.

The video shows a group of white girls attacking a black girl, pulling her hair and landing punches, while bystanders watched. The head teacher of Thomas Knyvett, Richard Beeson, eventually arrived but took no apparent action to break up the fight.

The video was posted on several social media platforms, including Twitter, by users such as @DavidEboh5, @Santandave1, and @Yvie777.

These posts received millions of views, and the public has expressed shock and disappointment over the actions of the white girls and the head teacher.

There has been a backlash against Thomas Knyvett College, and a petition has been created to hold Richard Beeson accountable.

Users have expressed their concern over the disturbing actions in the video, with comments such as, “The way he’s just standing there while all her braids are on the pavement and she’s being assaulted is so disturbing”, “Very sad and disappointing to notice that there were adults who could have stopped the fight but they all did nothing”, and “I pray regularly this doesn’t happen to my kids because what comes next is no joke”.

Thomas Knyvett school fight video

The Thomas Knyvett school fight video went viral on social media platforms.

The school received backlash from the public and the police were involved.

Its students and the head teacher were heavily condemned.

Thomas Knyvett released a public statement to address the incident that happened.

The police department released a statement regarding a serious racially motivated assault that took place near Thomas Knyvett College on February 6, 2023.

The incident occurred soon after the end of the school day.

The police were called to the scene and have made several arrests in connection with the incident, which remains under investigation. The Howard Partnership Trust, of which Thomas Knyvett College is a part, is aware of the situation and is taking it very seriously. They are working with all relevant agencies and are asking for calm and patience while the facts are being established.

Chief Inspector Dalls McDermott, a senior member of the North Surrey Division, released a video update on the situation. He confirmed that five people have been arrested, four on suspicion of attempted racially motivated grievous bodily harm and two also on suspicion of child neglect and encouraging an offense to be committed. The victim of the attack is receiving support and has received medical treatment for injuries sustained during the attack. The police are committed to ensuring that the welfare and care of the victim is a top priority.

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