What is Fishtank Live?

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What is Fishtank Live?

Sam Hyde, an American comedian and creator of Million Dollar Extreme (MDE), has gained notoriety for his involvement in public pranks, internet hoaxes, and various controversies. He has also started multiple projects, including Kickstarter TV, MDE, and his latest venture, Fishtank.

Kickstarter TV saw Sam mocking and criticizing projects on Kickstarter and their creators. However, the TV show MDE was not renewed for a second season, and Sam blamed it on his open support for Donald Trump.

In April 2023, Sam launched his live reality TV show called "Fishtank" where eight people interact with viewers in real-time. The project has already generated significant buzz and attention.

If you're curious about Fishtank Live, keep reading to learn more about Sam Hyde's latest project and how you can watch it live on fishtank.live.

What is Fishtank Live?

Sam Hyde, the controversial American comedian, is known for his involvement in public pranks and internet hoaxes. He has also created multiple projects, including Kickstarter TV, Million Dollar Extreme (MDE), and Fishtank Live. While the MDE TV show was not renewed for a second season, Sam Hyde recently launched Fishtank Live in April 2023.

So, what is Fishtank Live? It is a 24/7 streamer house that is always on and broadcast live on fishtank.live. The house has cameras in almost every room, including the bedrooms and common spaces. Even at night, the infrared camera is on, making it impossible for the contestants to have any privacy.

Viewers can interact with the contestants and prank them by donating. In the first season, there are eight contestants, known as "Fishes," in the house. They are Violetta, Simmons, Sylvia, Josie, Mauro, Jonathan, Vance, and Damiel. Each of them has a unique personality and background. Violetta is a 23-year-old gamer from Canada, Simmons is a singer, Sylvia is an artist, Josie is a film and anime enthusiast, Mauro is friendly and easy-going, Jonathan is a jack of all trades, Vance is a goofy delivery man, and Damiel is a funny Instagram content creator.

If you want to watch Fishtank Live, simply go to fishtank.live and tune in to see what the contestants are up to.

How to watch fishtank.live?

To watch Fishtank Live, simply visit fishtank.live on your browser. As per Sam Hyde, the streamer house is live 24/7 and can be accessed anytime from the website.

On April 21, Sam tweeted that Fishtank had been banned by Google, but he later retweeted that it was a false alarm. According to him, the hosting cost for the website is $30k every three days, which drained his bank account. He promised to restore it ASAP, but it may take until Monday.

Currently, if you visit the website, you will see a message saying that they are working hard to bring Fishtank Live back as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience caused, requesting patience from their viewers.

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