Buckingham Palace Police Roblox Quiz Answers

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Buckingham Palace Police Roblox Quiz Answers

Buckingham Palace, an engaging Roblox game developed by VoluteGames, is set in the iconic location of Westminster, London. The game offers players the unique opportunity to become various roles such as a civilian, royal guard, metropolitan police officer, prime minister, or even the king or queen. To maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, there are essential rules that players must follow, including no exploiting, no abusing game bugs, and no farming points.

For those aspiring to join the ranks of the royal guard or metropolitan police, passing a quiz is mandatory. This guide provides the answers you need to succeed in the Buckingham Palace Police quiz on Roblox.

Buckingham Palace Police Roblox Quiz Answers

Question: What does FPN stand for?

Answer: Fixed Penalty Notice.

Question: When can armed officers open fire on a person?

Answer: If they present an immediate threat to life.

Question: What number should people dial in an emergency?

Answer: 999.

Question: What does an amber (orange) traffic light mean on its own?

Answer: Prepare to go.

Question: What is the name of London’s police?

Answer: Metropolitan Police Service.

Question: What should you do if you see someone breaking the game rules?

Answer: Gather evidence and contact a moderator.

Question: What is the offence “grievous bodily harm”?

Answer: When someone seriously injures another.

Question: True or false: The Metropolitan Police can arrest anyone they want.

Answer: False.

Question: What should you do if someone is trying to cross a zebra crossing?

Answer: Stop and let them cross.

Question: Which sign means “no entry”?

Answer: A.

Question: What does a red traffic light mean?

Answer: Stop and wait behind the line.

Question: What side of the road should you drive on?

Answer: Left.

Question: What is the proper name for an armed police officer?

Answer: Authorised Firearms Officer.

Question: What is the offence “dangerous driving”?

Answer: When someone drives in a manner which is extremely dangerous.

Question: What is the offence “illegal trespassing”?

Answer: When someone trespasses in a royal palace or police station.

Question: When are police officers exempt from all of the laws?

Answer: Never.

Question: Correct the grammar and punctuation: “How 2 be king”.

Answer: How do I become the King?

Question: When can a constable enter Buckingham Palace?

Answer: If they are needed inside, with permission from the Royal Guard.

By adhering to these answers, you can successfully pass the Buckingham Palace Police quiz in Roblox and step into the role of a royal guard or metropolitan police officer. This guide is designed to help you navigate the quiz with ease and ensure you uphold the rules and responsibilities associated with your new role. Enjoy your time in the regal setting of Buckingham Palace and contribute to maintaining its order and security.

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