Fable: Everything You Need to Know

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Fable: Everything You Need to Know

Fable fans have been eagerly waiting for a new adventure in the fantastical world of Albion since 2010. The upcoming installment, simply titled "Fable," is currently in production. Developed by a studio known for its racing games, this new chapter promises to bring fresh elements to the beloved franchise. Here’s everything we know so far about Fable’s release date, platforms, trailers, and gameplay.

Release Date Window

As of now, Fable is slated for a release in 2025. While an exact date hasn’t been confirmed, it’s expected that the game will launch sometime within that year. Despite the long wait, there’s optimism that the release will not face further delays.



Fable is being developed for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Unfortunately for PlayStation users, the game will remain an Xbox exclusive, consistent with its history as one of Xbox’s most cherished franchises. Game Pass subscribers will also have the opportunity to play Fable on launch day through the service.



The initial trailer for Fable served primarily to set the tone and build excitement. It reintroduced players to the whimsical and humorous world of Albion. In 2023, a more detailed trailer was released, offering a glimpse into the game’s narrative and aesthetic. This trailer featured in-game footage, though it didn’t showcase extensive gameplay.

The trailer introduced a character named Dave, a vegetable enthusiast, providing narration with a touch of dry humor. The protagonist, a woman, was shown for the first time, suggesting the possibility of either a set character or gender choice as in previous games. The protagonist speaking hints at a more defined character role this time around.

In another trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase, a retired hero named Humphry recounts tales of past heroes who made poor choices, hinting at the game’s storyline. The trailer ends with the protagonist and Humphry approaching a robed figure with a staff, declaring, “I’m going to fix it — this place.”


Fable will feature a mix of swordplay, magic, and social interactions, staying true to its roots. The gameplay will include cinematic takedowns, spells like fireballs, and abilities that launch enemies into the air for bow attacks.

The trailers revealed various enemy types, including human foes, werewolf-like creatures, goblins, and a massive tree monster. Social interactions, a staple of the series, are expected to return, although the specifics of these interactions remain unclear. Fans will be delighted to see the iconic chicken-kick making a return as well.

Preorder Information

Currently, there are no details on preordering Fable. As soon as preorder information becomes available, we will provide all the necessary details to ensure fans can secure their copy of this highly anticipated game.

What is Next?

Fable is shaping up to be a grand return to the whimsical and adventurous world of Albion. With a release window set for 2025, fans can look forward to a new journey filled with magic, combat, and the series’ signature humor. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release date.

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