How to Download the PS5 Version of Fallout 4

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How to Download the PS5 Version of Fallout 4

Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers an expansive open-world adventure where players can join factions, carve their own path, customize their characters, and much more.

If you're a PS4 version owner, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the PS5 version at no additional cost. However, some users, including disc owners and PlayStation Plus subscribers, are encountering difficulties in accessing this upgrade.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the process of switching or downloading the PS5 version of Fallout 4 and address any issues preventing users from accessing the upgrade.

Why Can't I Upgrade Fallout 4 to the PS5 Version?

The inability to upgrade Fallout 4 to the PS5 version stems from its availability exclusively for PlayStation Plus Extra members.

Bethesda Studios clarified via Twitter that the Fallout 4 upgrade is accessible to PlayStation Plus Extra members through the PlayStation Game Catalog. However, they noted that the update is not currently accessible through the PS5 Catalogue or PS+ Essentials.

No further details have been provided by Bethesda Studios regarding the potential availability of the upgrade through these channels.

For users with a PS4 disc copy of the game, it's necessary to insert it into their PS5 console when attempting to download or play the PS5 version of Fallout 4.

How to Download the PS5 Version of Fallout 4

  1. To acquire the PS5 version of Fallout 4, follow these steps:

  2. Navigate to Fallout 4 in your game library.

  3. Scroll down and select the three dots (...) to access additional options.

  4. Choose "Select version" from the menu.

  5. Proceed to download the PS5 version of Fallout 4.

  6. Once the download is complete, select the PS5 version of Fallout 4 to launch the game.

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