How to Solve the "URL of a YouTube Video of This Exact Length" in The Password Game

by Flyerim
2 minutes
How to Solve the "URL of a YouTube Video of This Exact Length" in The Password Game

The Password Game is a challenging web-based puzzle game by Neal Agarwal, where players create passwords adhering to increasingly complex rules. One tricky rule is to include the URL of a YouTube video of an exact length.

Solution Steps:

Search for a Timer or Speedrun Video:

Go to YouTube and search for videos with the exact duration needed, such as "12 minutes 12 seconds timer" or "12:12 speedrun".

Copy the Video URL:

Click on the video, select "Share", and copy the URL. Remove the "https://" part to shorten it.

Insert the URL in Your Password:

Add the modified URL into your password.


  • Use search filters to narrow down videos by duration.

  • Videos that are a second more or less are acceptable.

  • Ensure other game rules are followed simultaneously.


If you need a video of exactly 5 minutes, search for "5-minute timer" on YouTube, share the link, copy it, remove the "https://", and insert it into your password.

This method helps navigate one of the more absurd and complex requirements of The Password Game, adding an element of humor and challenge to the task of creating a password.

For more details and gameplay tips, check out The Password Game.

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