Unlocking the Secrets: That’s Not My Neighbour Chester Quiz Answers

by Flyerim
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Unlocking the Secrets: That’s Not My Neighbour Chester Quiz Answers

Embark on a journey through "That’s Not My Neighbour," an intriguing creation by Nacho Sama available on itch.io. Plunge into the world of the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) in 1955, where enigmatic occurrences abound, and your vigilance is paramount.

In this guide, discover the answers to the That’s Not My Neighbour Chester quiz and claim his coveted badge.

That’s Not My Neighbour Chester Quiz Answers

Unlock the mysteries with these answers:

  1. Question: What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything else?

    Answer: 42.

  2. Question: What is the scientific name of the Australian animal that drastically changes its appearance when removed from its natural habitat?

    Answer: Psychrolutes Marcidus.

  3. Question: What is the name of the only sport that allows you to punch your opponent in the face because they capture a piece?

    Answer: Chess boxing.

  4. Question: At least how many times do you have to fold a 0.01 mm thick sheet of paper to cover the distance between the Shire and Mordor?

    Answer: 38.


    Answer: Uranus.

  6. Question: According to F.S.M. global warming is a consequence of the fact that since the 19th century the number of _______ decrease.

    Answer: Pirates.

Unravel the enigmas, claim the knowledge, and delve deeper into the mysteries of "That’s Not My Neighbour." Explore the depths of Chester’s quiz and emerge victorious!

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