Wordle hint and answer (#613): How to solve the Wednesday February 22 Wordle today

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Wordle hint and answer (#613): How to solve the Wednesday February 22 Wordle today

Wordle is a popular game that many people enjoy playing. However, sometimes it can be challenging and frustrating. If you're struggling with today's puzzle, don't worry, you're not alone. Here are some hints to help you get started. And if you just want to know the answer, you can find it below the video, along with a definition.

If you're stuck on today's Wordle, we've got some hints to help you out. First off, the answer starts and ends with the same letter. Secondly, the middle letter is "P". And finally, the word is a comparative adjective commonly used to describe the quality of pieces of fruit. Good luck!

Today's Wordle answer, revealed after some challenging hints, is "riper". It's the comparative form of "ripe", which is commonly used to describe the readiness of crops for harvest, or more generally to describe something that is ready or advanced.

"Riper" means that one thing is more ripe than another, and while it's not used as frequently as "ripe", its meaning is clear.

For example, you might prioritize eating the riper bananas to allow the greener ones more time to ripen, or move to a new city with riper job opportunities. Whether you guessed today's Wordle or not, congratulations on taking on the challenge!

How to share your Wordle results without spoilers

If you've completed today's Wordle and want to share your results with others without giving away the answer, Wordle has a built-in sharing feature that allows you to do just that.

After finishing the game, wait for the statistics panel to appear on your screen and then tap the "SHARE" button.

On a PC, this will copy the text to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it wherever you'd like.

On an iPhone or Android device, you'll have the option to copy the text or share the results directly to another app on your phone.

Using the built-in sharing feature is a considerate way to share your results without spoiling the answer for others who haven't played yet. So go ahead and give it a try!

How to play Wordle

Wordle is a charmingly straightforward game: you have six chances to guess the correct five-letter word.

After each guess, you'll receive feedback in the form of colored highlights. Green means that a letter is in the correct position, yellow means that it's in the word but in the wrong place, and gray means that it's not in the word at all.

By using this feedback to your advantage, you can gradually eliminate incorrect possibilities and work your way closer to the solution. If you're up for a challenge, head over to the Wordle website and give it a try for yourself!

How did Wordle begin?

Wordle started out as a simple family game invented by a software engineer named Josh Wardle.

He created the game during the pandemic as a way for him and his partner to enjoy a fun word game together, and it wasn't long before they realized that they had something special on their hands.

After a bit of tweaking and refining, Wardle decided to release the game to the public on his website, Power Language.

The game made its debut in October 2021, and within a few months it had already attracted two million daily players.

It quickly became a viral sensation, thanks in part to the fact that players could easily share their results on social media without spoiling the game for others.

In January 2022, the New York Times acquired Wordle from Wardle for a seven-figure sum. It's a great success story for Wardle, and a testament to the appeal of a simple, well-designed game.

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